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How do I request PACT/R data?

  1. Explore PACT/R data to learn about what’s available and identify data elements that can address your specific research question.
  2. Consider how others are using PACT/R data (see table below) in case there are opportunities to collaborate
  3. Contact the PACT/R team to let us know of your interest. (
  4. Complete an online form (link will be provided by the PACT/R team) to tell us which data elements are requested, research questions to be addressed, intended outcomes / uses (i.e. publication, thesis or dissertation, teaching).

Each data request is reviewed by the PACT/R Steering Committee (3-5 investigators who have contributed data to the archive), using the following criteria:

  • Stated research question(s) are in keeping with the overall aims of the PACT/R Data Archive, and can be appropriately addressed with the data requested
  • Requestor has the training and experience to conduct the analyses (or trainees have appropriate supervision, documented with supervisor signature)
  • Requestor describes appropriate measures for data security.
  • Requestor agrees to acknowledge the PACT/R Data Archive in presentations and publications.
  • Requestor agrees that s/he will not re-release data obtained from the Archive to others.