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Based at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, the Child Trauma Data Archives are a broad collaborative effort of child trauma researchers around the world. Collaborators share the vision of creating a research resource for the child trauma field that will enhance the value of child trauma studies by sharing and preserving data, allowing integrative cross-study analyses, and promoting the use of common data elements.

The following colleagues are members of the Child Trauma Data Archives Expert Advisory Group. Many are also data contributors to the Archive.

Nancy Kassam-Adams, PhD
Child Trauma Data Archives Principal Investigator
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and University of Pennsylvania, US

Eva Alisic, PhD
University of Melbourne, Australia

Judith Cohen, MD
Allegheny Health Network, US

Tim Dalgleish, PhD
University of Cambridge, UK

Anke de Haan, PhD
University of Cambridge, UK

Douglas Delahanty, PhD
Kent State University, US

Sarah Halligan, PhD
University of Bath, UK

Denise Hien, PhD
Rutgers University, US

Rachel Hiller, PhD
University College London, UK

Tine Jensen, PhD
University of Oslo, Norway

Justin Kenardy, PhD
University of Queensland, Australia

Karestan Koenen, PhD
Harvard University, US

Annette La Greca, PhD
University of Miami, US

Betty Lai, PhD
Boston College, US

Spencer Lamm, MLIS
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, US

Markus Landolt, PhD
Children's Hospital Zurich and University of Zurich, Switzerland

Meghan Marsac, PhD
Kentucky Children's Hospital and University of Kentucky, US

Richard Meiser-Stedman, PhD
University of East Anglia, UK

Antonio Morgan-López, PhD
Research Triangle Institute, US

Reginald Nixon, PhD
Flinders University, Australia

Nicole Nugent, PhD
Brown University, US

Miranda Olff, PhD
University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Maya O'Neil, PhD
Oregon Health & Sciences University, USA

Patrick Palmieri, PhD
Summa Health System, US

Allison Salloum, PhD
University of South Florida, US

Glenn Saxe, MD
New York University, US